In our school we endeavour to excel in every task we undertake, both individual and collective, within and outside the classroom.

The school aims at giving the children refined education so as to equip them to be men and women of character and integrity and to develop competence in them, both in scholastic and non scholastic fields, to enable them to successfully compete at national levels. To achieve this, great stress is laid on the following aspects:-


Our Objectives

  • To teach our children to think for themselves and to take their own decisions and be responsible for them selves.

  • To foster an atmosphere of secular spirituality by taking the best in the spiritual traditions of all religions and to mould the young on the convictions of their inner life.

  • To provide modern facilities to empower children to acquire those skills and qualities of head, heart and hand's necessary for honest living as adults.

  • To develop in the campus a caring community, with emphasis on concern for others and building good human relations based on tolerance and genuine interest in others.